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154 Islington Avenue

Our rooms are equipped with the following:
  • 6 PIECE Pro Canadian MAPLE DRUM KITS
  • Pro level SABIAN cymbals -   2 x CRASH, 1 x RIDE and HI HAT cymbals
  • All tube MARSHALL heads with 2 - 4x12 cabinets.
  • FENDER Tube Hot Rod (Deville) Amps
  • Bass Heads - AMPEG, Eden, and Galien Kruger
  • Bass Cabinets - AMPEG SVT  8x10
  • Multi input keyboard amps - YORKVILLE, ROLAND
  • PRO PA’s with multiple mixes, 2 x FLOOR monitors and 2 x MAIN monitors
  • 4 x SURE SM 58 vocal mics
  • Keyboard stands
  • Music stands
  • Guitar stands
As we are a full BACKLINE RENTAL company we have everything from Hammond B3's to modern synths, guitars and bass guitars available to rent for your session. Looking for something special? Give us a call.

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